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David Patterson has built a proven 20-year track record in providing strategic small business consulting services, facilitating powerful workshops and orchestrating impactful seminars for brands like Bank of America, Keller Williams Realty International, John Maxwell Leadership and Business Made Simple headquartered in Nashville, TN.

David brings to the table a unique wealth of knowledge and an extensive network of successful, like-minded, like-valued entrepreneurs in everything from business launch strategies, organizational behavior-based team building and professional and operational best practices through his Atlanta-based coaching and consulting firm.

David Patterson Purpose Statement:

I endeavor to help grow gifted and motivated people into intentional leaders with the desire of living influential, transformative lives.

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In order to grow my coaching business I knew I needed some fresh insight on how to generate more leads with my ideal customers. After attending David Patterson's breakout session at the Made Simple Summit I was convinced he could give me some great insight on what I should do to take it to the next level. He did...and more! I loved his quick, experience-based wisdom on what I needed to do next and his willingness to challenge me to think bigger than before.

Glen Stevens

David Patterson has been our team's business coach for about 4-5 years. He's a thought leader and holistic leader that continually pushes us to evaluate ourselves and our goals. Sometimes we call him 'Preacher David' because he brings the truth that we often need to hear to avoid self-sabotage and continue to grow. We've introduced him to other leaders in our business, and other local entrepreneurs... He always makes a huge impact when given the platform and opportunity to teach and mentor others!

Josie Burke

I was introduced to David at a critical time in my biz. I had a good business foundation, yet lacked focus on the right actions to produce the results I wanted. After guiding me to clarify my mission, goals & professionalize my systems in the first 90 days, my sales grew rapidly. After 1 yr of sessions my sales grew 400%! He approaches our appointments with many tools, including a framework for the action plan. David is a master question asker which leads to many ah-ha’s. He will coach to your potential.

Karen tabler

David Patterson's coaching has been instrumental in the continuous growth and profitability of Scalable Real Estate Solutions. He helps us tap into our talents, prioritize our goals, and remain accountable by asking the right questions. David is always accessible, supportive, and operates with integrity, bringing his A-game to every call. We highly recommend David as a coach who is invested in your growth and passionate about increasing your potential in both your personal and professional life.

Alicia Brown

David Patterson with DP Consulting is the absolute best. We have been working together for the past year. I have learned and grown so much in the past year. To be honest and fair, I was a little reluctant at first. After a couple of months I really started putting into practice the things were discussing. We have worked on the inside and the outside of my business. I would recommend David Patterson as a coach to anyone. Thank you for your patience with me. I thank you for the time and dedication that you have spent to help me grow into my next level.

James Robertson

David with DP3 Consulting is an excellent Coach!- truly Gifted! I have personally employed and been a part of organizations, teams, and companies that have employed coaches both in Business/Life coaches.

In past experiences, strategy "meetings" were often unorganized and truthful time Vampires. Sometimes I walked away from these meetings thinking, "Well, I'll never get that wasted time back". Since time is expensive to me, this became demotivating. Not with David from DP3!

I have never seen such a productive and motivated meeting. David listens and asks intuitive questions that allow for team collaboration for vision creation and casting.

Thanks David for giving me faith in strategy meetings again! I know in 6 months to a year our team will be better from our meeting. We are so blessed to have met you.

Anna Broussard Schwoerer

DP3 Consulting came into my life at a crossroads. I wanted to quit. I was completely burnt out and at a point of throwing in the towel. A mutual friend introduced me to their services and reassured me they would be able to get my life-both personal and professional back on track. In short, this is exactly what they did. There are no amount of words that would ever be able to adequately describe how much of an impact DP3 consulting has had on my life. Their approach is tailored specific to your wiring. They start with the core and work outwards. Investing in their services is a decision you will not regret.

Megan Ramsey

I remember the day I walked into David's office asking for help and guidance. I felt I was spinning out of control and so overwhelmed. He took the time to figure out that I needed to go back to the basics and take one step at a time. As he says, he coaches to the person, not the numbers. He understands that not everyone is the same and that we all have different personalities and need different things. He listens, he cares, he motivates, he gets results!! He has helped me grow my business and reach my goals each and every year and I know I would never have gotten to this point if I did not walk into his office asking for help. David will always be a part of my success story, and he will be yours as well!!

Rachael Sirlin-Cohen

David is a wealth of knowledge, I think, he is very mindset focused which is the most important part of any type of business, not just real estate. The way he presents is very comforting, its not threatening, its not lecture, its very engaging and the information that he brings us is very useable right now.

Valerie Beausoleil

David's coaching and professional development sessions have been nothing short of a revelation. He possesses a rare blend of expertise, insight, and an uncanny ability to tap into the unique potential of individuals. Under his guidance, I not only honed my leadership skills but also learned to create a distinctive brand for my training business within the industry. The impact of David's coaching extends far beyond the realms of skill enhancement; it has been the catalyst for the remarkable growth of my business.

Angel Crayton

David has coached me in a previous role when I was a productivity coach also just as an agent. He’s helped me to be a better coach in terms of how to help my coaching clients find that gap and close that gap. Also as a leadership coach, he’s helped me to navigate that space at being a better leader, always stressing providing value to those that I serve. He’s helped me to see my blind spots, to see areas where I have opportunity to grow and make those necessary changes.

I would recommend David because I consider him a friend and he is amazing. I’ve referred many client to him. Not only seeing him helped improve my business but agents I’ve referred to him. I’ve seen him take agents from $4 Million and $5Million production to up to $15-$20 Million in production. So, he gets the job done.

Leah Cole

David is the coach’s coach. I am in the first year of my coaching business, and David gave me expertise and insights on lead generation, growth strategies, and essential keys to building my business from scratch. He coached me on how to effectively use my business certifications as a tool and how to build relationships with my clients. If you are a coach looking for someone to help you grow your business, I can’t recommend David enough

Jacob Karnes

Working with David has been life altering for me. Before I started working with him, I felt stunted in my business. But with his help, I've been able to level up my growth and development in ways I never thought possible. His approach is both strategic and supportive. He really took the time to understand my unique strengths and goals, and then tailored his coaching to fit my specific needs. With his guidance I've been able to empower my employees and co-workers, growing them into our next leaders.

Rhiannon Reynolds

David Patterson has a unique ability to tailor his coaching to individual needs, making the experience personalized, educational, and impactful. Whether it's setting achievable goals, providing constructive feedback, or sharing valuable industry insights, David goes above and beyond to ensure his clients thrive. I wholeheartedly recommend David Patterson to anyone seeking a coach who not only possesses exceptional expertise but also a genuine passion for fostering growth and success. Thank you, David, for being an outstanding coach and making a lasting impact on my journey!

Ashley Campbell

David Patterson is my coach. We are now into our second year together and he has been very transformational and inspirational to me and my real estate business. I have seen record growth for my business due to the strategies, methodologies, listening ear, and guidance provided by David on a weekly basis. David supports me to stay focused while seeing the bigger picture. I am very clear that my business would not be where it is today and aligned for future growth without David's presence in my business and life. If you desire a coach, run don’t walk and contact DP3 Consulting today!

Kenya Edwards

Working with David has been an absolute game-changer for me. I vividly remember our initial coaching session, during which I shared my real estate goal of reaching $10 million in sales volume. David, however, urged me to set my sights higher, suggesting I aim for $15 million. Although I didn't quite hit the $15 million mark, I came impressively close, reaching nearly $12 million. As David and I approach our three-year coaching anniversary, I am profoundly grateful for our transformative journey. David Patterson is the person for you if you're ready to elevate your business and your life.

Janay Thomas

There are times as a Coach, or a Leader, that you’re not certain what you should be thinking about, or what questions you should be asking, to maximize your opportunities. Engaging with David Patterson is a great way to work through those doubts and get clarity for your next steps. His engaging style is perfect to both challenge and encourage you, as you reach towards greater performance for you and your Team. David will help you focus your thoughts, answer the right questions, and move forward with the confidence you need to be successful.

Andy McCartney